1. Define your ballot with categories and nominees

Define your ballot categories and nominees

Define your ballot with categories and sub-categories. Then assign nominees.

Customize your ballot with branding

Use your own creative branding. Your ballot will look just the way you want it. Voters can use deriv binary either the BallotBlaster Phone App or Web App to Vote.

Upload media for your ballot

Upload images and sample media. Let voters view images and play samples before they vote.

2. Open for Voting

Embed your web ballot into any website

Allow voters to play samples and vote from the smart phone app deriv trading

Automatically open and close the vote based on calendar dates

3. Count the Votes

Follow voting real-time

Organizers can watch the votes coming in.

Publish results to your web site and smart phone app

When voting is over, organizers can choose to publish the results.

Build an email list of voters

Reach your audience with a download of email addresses.